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Transitional Kindergarten Program

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Transitional Kindergarten Program

  • Curriculum revolves around a 5 subject rotation: Language Arts/Critical Thinking, Mathematics, Science, Art, & Public Speaking/Circle. Extra-curricular are included such as Music, Mindfulness and Yoga, along with Foreign Language.
  • Your child will receive a morning and afternoon snack along with Lunch.
  • Our hours of operation are 7am-6 pm which allows for more time to learn compared to a 3 hour school day at Public TK program.
  • We have a 1-8 teacher student ratio which makes more attention to your child’s development.
  • You will receive one on one Primary Teacher development tracking for your child.
  • We have worked with the surrounding school districts for 20 + years and stay up to date on all the prerequisites.
  • Children gain confidence, independence, and skills like pre-reading, pre-math, and logical problem solving skills.
  • Children learn to love themselves and others.
Transitional Kindergarten Program

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