Autumn Creek Learning Center

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum encourages children to be actively involved in the learning process, and to experience a variety of developmentally appropriate activities/materials.


Curriculum Overview

When your child plays in the Dramatic Play Area they are learning…

To be Flexible in their thinking.

To express themselves with their words.

To solve problems through negotiation.

To sort & organize play things.

To make decisions.

To carry out their ideas – with the help of others (cooperation)

To lace, tie, button, zip, and snap.

When your child plays with puzzles, beads, lace cards, & math manipulatives they are learning…

Eye-hand coordination.
Number concepts – longer/shorter, more/less, etc.
To create and reproduce patterns.
Use of number words; first, second…

Left to right progression (a pre-reading skill)

One to one correspondence.

Patterning skills.

When your child is participating in Art they are learning…

To develop their imagination and creativity.

To develop eye-hand coordination.

To distinguish and purposely create shapes.

To express their feelings and ideas.

That their ideas have values.

Relationships of space & size.

Concepts of symmetry balance and design.

When your child is playing with play-dough they are learning…

To see the shape against the background of the table (a pre-reading skill)

Concepts of shape, sizes, length, and height.

To see negative space when cookie cutter shape is taken away.

To express feelings by squeezing and pounding.

To express their imagination and creativity

That the quantity of something remains the same even when the shape changes.

When your child is playing with Blocks they are learning…

Concepts of size, length, & location

To count, sort, & classify (Math Skills)

To cooperate with others.

To solve problems
Fine motor skills

To see themselves from a different perspective, that of a giant


Free Choice Centers = Social Emotional

Sensory Table = Science

Small blocks/Legos = Physical Skills

“I-SPY” Games = Math

Tracing = Language

Bingo = Math

Nature Walks = Science

Outside Exploration = Science

Discussions – Language

Phonics = Language

We look forward to helping prepare your child for the next stage in their life ~ Kindergarten!

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