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Ambien sold over the counter to a couple of friends in 1971.[2] As a result, the product was considered to be a prescription medication. The product is sold in over 30 countries globally as well many U.S. state markets.[3] In 2006, Cephalen was acquired by Pfizer.[4] FDA approval was not obtained. The main active ingredient contained amino acid tryptophan as well methylphenidate hydrochloride (brand name Ritalin) which is a derivative of amphetamine (dextroamphetamine). Although many adults have taken this drug without adverse effects, they do have low blood pressure and are prone to Where to buy adderall in berlin cardiovascular problems. In 2002, the FDA said they planned on banning the drug due to its adverse effects, although no such ban ever occurred. In 2011, it was announced that Cephalen in the process of being pulled from the market due to high level of amphetamine metabolites in its product, which raised concerns from the FDA again.[5] Dosing [ edit ] Caffeine-free version, as sold today. The dosage of Cephalen required for use in the majority of adults has not been revealed, although the average dosage of amphetamine in many ambien 10mg price in usa these preparations is a single amphetamine tablet of 100 mg. The FDA says that maximum daily dosage for the stimulant use of drug is 100 mg. [6][7] The caffeine powder is available in various concentrations. Small quantities will typically cause slight tingling sensation, although not as a whole body effect. Higher concentrations can cause muscle stiffness and a headache, headache that may be severe enough to make people want lie on the ground and pass out. When taken with Caffeine-Free Amphetamine Tablets (sold by the generic name of "Fen-Phen"): When mixed with the caffeine tablets they work as separate medicines, so it is not necessary to take both together for the same effect. Side effects [ edit ] In large quantities [ edit ] Although Cephalen is marketed as an amphetamine-like chemical, the primary active ingredient, at least in the United States, is not amphetamine, but methylphenidate hydrochloride instead. Tolerance to the stimulant effects builds slowly and with heavy use; Lorazepam 2.5 mg tablets it takes months or longer before a person can function at all. In fact, the caffeine tablets used were intended to cut the dosage a over the counter pills like ambien level where tolerance is not a problem, as this helps people who have trouble tolerating stimulant drugs because of their side effects, and it also has a tendency to make people feel sleepy at first, and make them dizzy soon after taking a dose. The adverse effects for this ingredient are slightly more common than for amphetamines, but they are also associated with a slightly higher potential for addiction: High blood pressure Increased heart rate and blood pressure Difficulty sleeping for several hours Vomiting Weight gain Fever in severe cases, especially if there is also high body weight (as occurs with ADHD) Flu-like illness symptoms Diarrhea, which is generally associated with the use of stimulants In smaller amounts [ edit ] Because Cephalen is considered to be a dietary supplement, not prescription medication, most people who use it in small amounts may never experience any of these effects. This does not mean that those people do not use stimulants as well. However, in some cases, when not on Cephalen one can still experience the effects of ingredient:

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