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What otc drug is similar to adipex id? Any tips? Reply Delete I started taking adipexid several weeks ago to combat the nausea caused by treatment with cyclophosphamide for multiple myeloma. I started with a 200 mg tablet three times a day and increased it by 20-30 mg per day once, twice a day, or three times day. Since this is prescription drug, you have to show up for work. I did, but every once in a while I would have to go take an Adderall as needed. I stopped because was concerned and worried my doctor may not be seeing all the side effects. After a few weeks of going off adipexid, I began to notice my heart palpitations were gone and I was also experiencing a slight rise in my blood pressure. I then stopped taking over the counter diet pill similar to adipex adipexid altogether...for no good reason. What do you guys believe? If anyone has any information on this drug, I'd love to know what it is. seems just a few extra milligrams of this drug would have saved me. Reply Delete I have been suffering from chronic fatigue (and I feel tired at least once every 2.5 days, and I just went for a 12hr business trip. It was very difficult to get out of bed or to get anywhere. As one of those "informal" medical doctors (because it's a doctor's office where I work) - don't have much clinical training, so I am just sharing observations about this topic without having enough clinical depth to provide my expertise - so if I am totally wrong about what was happening, please PM me (and I'll correct myself). I do not think the person in earlier posts this thread is right about Adipexid working (but if anyone else here has good knowledge that might be helpful), I just think he is overstating the case - because adipexid does not work so well for some people and not as well for others. Delete I started my first course of Adipexid last weekend. I take the dose that is prescribed by my general doctor. All day every I take 2 tablets, each of 100 mg and 300 mg. I have had Adipexid in the past. I'm hoping this will give me a new lease on life because I have not been able to get off Adipexid from my other doctors. I thought at first that did not need to get off Adipexid - it worked for me but when the nausea comes and headaches begin - I feel like could take Adipexid all day for just a couple hours and take no other medications. I will continue to keep taking Adipexid as prescribed and hopefully it will keep working. The other day (Tuesday) I was watching a commercial (for the local cable company) while eating breakfast. After a few seconds (not big deal) of nausea it went away. Then after only an hour later (still not a big deal) I started to feel the same symptoms of my nausea. It took a couple days for it to pass - but I'm still not feeling the same symptoms. I hope this helps somebody out! Delete I started taking Adipexid when was 17 years old. I have had serious depression and I was trying to take my dose up, but I was still very nauseated. When I got home and ate, didn't have to worry about any side effects. As an adult, I have also been looking for a miracle drug that works. I over the counter diet pill like adipex took my dose up to 3-3.5 grams when I was 19. have also been taking it for about 2 months now. I was very frustrated with it. It was taking days to work. So now I am taking the dose that is prescribed by my doctors. I feel that it might work. However, I do not want to take anything else. I only wish that would have done this when I was a teenager. Reply Delete I'm wondering if taking Adipexid with another medication adipex-p 37.5mg 30 pills US$ 170.00 US$ 5.67 can increase the potency of drug. I took Adipexid on the strength that is prescribed. I used to take 3 pills but I'm now down to 1.1mg in one swallow. I only notice the effect after I have eaten. I've also had some vomiting issues and a headache that is not normal. However, as a first timer, I do feel it helps somewhat. I take a half cup of water with my Adipexid, and every few hours I get a half glass of water. I had not tried Adipexid before with food so I was worried about that. However it doesn't seem to be a problem. If anyone else is interested in doing food as a part of the dosage, that would be great. Delete What do you guys think about Adipexid and cyclophosphamide? I have tried Adipexid)

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We have had the privilege of sending both our sons through Autumn Creek.  As a professional educator within the local school district, I recognize the educational value my boys have received at ACLC.  The staff at all levels- Little Bears through Grizzlies have managed to balance teaching age appropriate curriculum with creativity and fun.  My boys were well prepared for school as they moved on to new educational challenges. The personal relationships our family has created with the many teachers our kids have had will all be sorely missed. Thank you Autumn Creek!

~Jason L.


 My husband and I enrolled both of our kiddos here (at completely different times since our children are 5 years apart) and we love it. The key card and sign in gave me peace of mind as far as security went.  The teachers are wonderful, I haven't met one I didn't like. The directors, Kay and Lisa, are so nice and helpful.  Our older child had been out of ACLC for a couple years by the time we enrolled our younger child but they both remembered her and gave her big hugs, very cool.
~ Jamie W.