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My 3 year old daughter loves autumn creek and is learning and doing so much for her social and academic growth. I am extremely pleased with the communication between teachers, admin and parents -- I always get a report on the day and progress, if I need one, and I love getting monthly emailed newsletters and the written progress reports that are sent home fairly frequently. I feel confident in the teachers, admin and owner that they are continually updating the program as they see room for improvements. I have always felt that feedback is appreciated, considered and welcomed by owner and staff. This place is fantastic!!!

~ Misty L.

We have had the privilege of sending both our sons through Autumn Creek. As a professional educator within the local school district, I recognize the educational value my boys have received at ACLC. The staff at all levels- Little Bears through Grizzlies have managed to balance teaching age appropriate curriculum with creativity and fun. My boys were well prepared for school as they moved on to new educational challenges. The personal relationships our family has created with the many teachers our kids have had will all be sorely missed. Thank you Autumn Creek!

~Jason L.

My husband and I enrolled both of our kiddos here (at completely different times since our children are 5 years apart) and we love it. The key card and sign in gave me peace of mind as far as security went. The teachers are wonderful, I haven't met one I didn't like. The directors, Kay and Lisa, are so nice and helpful. Our older child had been out of ACLC for a couple years by the time we enrolled our younger child but they both remembered her and gave her big hugs, very cool.
~ Jamie W.

We have been so lucky to have had both of our children go to ACLC. My children loved all their teachers & made many friends! The teachers & staff at all levels are so fantastic with the children! They make learning fun! If you are looking into a preschool you need to check this one out! I love everything about ACLC & would recommend this school to anyone! We miss you all at ACLC!!!

~ Beth H.

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